Somalia: Senior Data Analyst for the 2019 Teacher Proficiency Test

Organization: Government of Somalia
Country: Somalia
Closing date: 20 Aug 2019

Ministry of education, Culture and Higher education (MOECHE)

ToR for a Senior Data Analyst for the 2019 Teacher Proficiency Test

I. General Information


Senior Data Analyst

Reporting to:

Director of Teacher Development and Training Department


26 working days (fixed)

Closing date


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The Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP, 2018-2020) of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Higher Education, (hereafter referred to as MoECHE) and Puntland State of Somalia (2017-2021) report indicate that only 38 percent of the teachers nationally are qualified. Out of the 6,085 primary school teachers in Banadir, South West State, Jubbaland, Hirshabelle and Galmudug, only 20 percent hold formal qualifications while out of the 2,743 secondary school teachers in the same regions, only 21 percent are qualified. With such a large number of unqualified teachers in the education system, the poor learning outcomes for Somali children are not surprising and may be attributed largely to the poor quality of teaching. One of the indicators of a good system of education is the quality of people produced in terms of competencies needed for social, political and economic development of the nation. Teachers, therefore, have the single biggest impact on children’s learning and future outcomes. They must be well trained and qualified to undertake this task successfully. Unfortunately, this is something that is yet to be fully realized in Somalia. The absence of a systematic teacher assessment by education authorities has meant that the competency levels of teachers, in respect of content knowledge and classroom pedagogical practices, remains largely unknown.

The MoECHE must assume its regulatory role to specify the minimum competency levels for teachers. One of the focus points of this strategy is to strengthen federal and state level institutional capacities in effective delivery of services. The data analysis for the test results is a critical activity in assessing the status of the current teaching force in terms of Pedagogy and subject content.

The 2019 Teacher Proficiency Testing (TPT) Examination is one of the key deliverables for the MoECHE and will be a prerequisite for the improvement of the capacity and skills of the teachers so as to enhance the learner outcomes at the end of the education cycle. A Senior data analyst is required to analyse and interpret the examination results so as to produce the various statistics and indicators related to the teacher assessment results, based on that the technical experts of the ministry will then make tangible and viable recommendations for implementation.

Objectives of the Assignment

The overall objective of this assignment is to analyse and interpret the TPT examination results so as to produce the various statistics and indicators related to the teacher assessment results. The incumbent will ensure the accuracy of data for the different key statistics of the 2019 TPT examination and should to establish systems to use for the analysis of the examination results so as to determine the capacities of the teachers and skills required to enhance learner outcomes. These statistics will be triangulated against the data collected from the secondary sources to produce the final feedback report.

Specific Objective

· To analyse the examination results and provide statistics and interpretations required for writing of the final feedback report;

· Triangulate the statistical data from the examination results against the secondary data collected from other secondary sources.


The incumbent shall adopt various statistical methods to achieve the baseline objectives. The assessment will use different statistical methods to produce different data from the teachers’ examination results in the different subjects. All data analysis methodologies will be determined through consultative discussions between the assessment experts, MoECHE and the incumbent.

Scope and Focus of the 2019 Examination result analysis

· Conduct inception meeting for the assignment with assessment experts and the MoECHE;

· Design tentative plan with them to clarify the assessment objectives, methodology and agree on the various responsibilities and deliverables;

· Review all current information systems and related processes (manual and automated) reviewing of any ICT recorded and visible items;

· Perform a gap analysis and inform MoECHE on what is required to close the gaps so as to be able to carry out the examination results’ analysis;

· Analyse possible ICT solutions available in the marketplace to facilitate the process;

· Propose solution (where necessary) along with the estimated cost to address the identified gaps in revamping the information systems for future use;

· Receive, and organize the examination data and analyse the examination results as per the technical specifications provided by the assessment experts;

· Tabulate the statistics required by the assessment experts and submit to them;

· Working closely with the assessment experts and providing any further analysis required to finalize the final technical feedback report.

Key Deliverables

The 2019 TPT examination result analysis will provide the following deliverables:

· An inception report with the detailed work plan with appropriate timing, roles and responsibilities as well as data entry and analysis packages required for the assignment;

· Data entry and analysis tool in place for implementation.

· Identify ICT skills gaps/requirements and make recommendation for the same;

· Receive the examination data under confidential cover and carry out the required analysis to provide the required examination result statistics which will include:

o Standardization of the 2019 Teacher Proficiency Testing examination raw marks distribution;

o 2019 TPT raw mark sample;

o 2019 TPT processing of results by category (public and private), school and gender including absentees;

o Processing the subject means and standard deviations;

o Produce a raw mark sample by subject and category (public and private);

o Produce standard mark samples by subject and category (public and Private);

o Produce the 2019 TPT frequency distribution for all;

o Produce the 2019 TPT frequency distribution for public;

o Produce the 2019 TPT frequency distribution for private;

o Produce the 2019 TPT frequency distribution for male;

o Produce the 2019 TPT frequency distribution for female;

o Comparison of performance and qualification;

o Triangulation of examination results and training;

o Comparison of examination results and item difficulty depending on performance by question and subject;

o Item difficulty by gender and category (public and private);

o Any other statistics that might be required by the assessment experts.

· The final examination results statistics must be submitted within 10 days after completion of the marking exercise.

Duration of the Assignment

The assignment will be accomplished within 26 working days. The incumbent must ensure that the whole process of the analysis work and input into the writing of the finals report in liaison with the assessment experts is completed within this time frame.

Key Qualifications

Key requirements for this position include:

· Master’s degree in relevant field preferred. Bachelor’s degree in lieu of relevant 3+ years of specific experience is accepted.

· General experience in data analysis for at least 5 years

· Specific experience in education data analysis for at least 3 years.

· Demonstrates hands on experience of leading enterprise level data analysis.

· Fluency in Somali and English languages.

· Knowledge and experience in using data analysis applications.

· Knowledge of education statistics and indicators is essential.

· Must have willingness to travel and work in a challenging environment

How to apply:

Interested candidates are requested to send their CVs and academic certificates with cover letter as a single document to the email address: by 10:00am 20 Aug 2019 indicating “P137 Application for Senior Data Analyst” as subject line. Late applications will not be considered.

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